Students' Empowerment

There are so many reasons to empower a student. Not only are you making a valuable contribution to the future of the World’s workforce, but you are also bringing the latest training, skills, and methodologies into your workplace.

Our students gain more than a degree. From internships to help to find a job, the Careers and Employability Service gives you the support and advice you need to plan your career,  develop your employability, or think about further study.

When you graduate from the Myles Leadership University, you’ll not only leave with a qualification but you’ll also be equipped with the skills that employers are looking for. Motivated, self-confident, and digitally aware, you’ll be ready to make a difference to organizations worldwide.


Myles Leadership University offers a variety of opportunities for part-time student employment. On-campus employment provides a practical way for students to earn money, gain valuable work experience, and learn valuable time management skills. The university also creates a gateway for easy access to organizations, companies, and partners for employment for students after graduation.


Student Empowerment Center (SEC) provides opportunities for the university’s diverse student population by preventing minor obstacles from becoming major setbacks to degree achievement. The services that SEC offers have been strategically chosen to develop Myles Leadership University students into well-trained career professionals.


Internships provide an excellent opportunity to gain professional work experience and test out a career field of interest. As a student, you can develop or enhance your skill set and knowledge base, build a network of professional contacts, and learn how to manage the multitude of responsibilities that come with a career. On the flip side, your energy, enthusiasm, and creativity provide much-needed assistance to organizations looking for the innovation and determination that only college students can provide. It is a “win-win” experience that is not only valued but expected in today’s competitive job market.


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