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About MLU

Myles Leadership University: we are a 21-century University committed to raising and empowering the next generation of change-makers and world leaders who will champion change and lead in whatever industry they find themselves in. We are currently Affiliated with Top Universities in India, Togo, and the Benin Republic.

Our goal is to empower over 5 million youths by 2045 with leadership and life skills. Myles Leadership University offers you industry-cut leadership and a management-oriented curriculum.

At MLU Our faculty is made up of experienced & Successful industry professionals.  By integrating students’ learning with the real world, empowering students to take ownership of their own learning, equipping each student to think entrepreneurially, and employing the most engaging and inspiring teaching techniques, Myles Leadership University is pioneering a new take on higher education and leadership development education.

Whether you are looking to start a career in management or Entrepreneurship! MLU offers you the best opportunity to get trained by industry experts. Our main campus is situated in India while our African campus is located in Togo.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is firmly grounded in the belief that learning and character development happen in all areas of life: inside and outside of the classroom. We believe in the LEARNING COMMUNITY that can help each person to find identity, and meaning in life.  

MLU's Principle

We are dedicated to providing a diverse, accepting, and supportive environment that holds everyone to the highest standards of conduct, scholarship, integrity, inclusiveness, respect, and engagement. Through a commitment to these values, we strive to transform our academic community into a place where all will learn, thrive, and grow.

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