We bring about positive, measurable change.

MLU Impact

We care about making a difference for young people, so it has been vital for us to understand what impact our work is having. From the earliest days, the university has been committed to measuring and evaluating its effectiveness. Our annual results show that with our help, thousands of young people (who otherwise wouldn’t have done so) achieve a university place or another chosen aspiration.

Our focus is on rethinking education and delivering an experience that empowers, emboldens, and instills confidence and curiosity – where heads and hearts are aligned. Industry engagement is at the core of our pledge to help our students succeed and to prepare them to change their world. Industry insights and partnerships ensure our curriculum is relevant to future needs and our graduates are ready to work in and contribute to industries of the future.

Global Reach

Myles Leadership University’s global reach is reinforced through internationally recognized and ranked courses, globally relevant research, internationally cited researchers, industry experts, and leadership with international experience.

We have maintained a strong international perspective since inception, with an unwavering commitment to global citizenship, relevance, diversity, and an uncompromising belief that our students will connect the world for good.

Online capability

Our online capability is central to our offering and our commitment to universal education for all. Our tech-up story goes beyond just online learning, with partnerships, research, innovation, and public impact programs. Online education is part of how we work, how we live, and how we connect and create communities. It is fundamental to quality higher education, and invariably it has become essential.


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